Benghazi Facts Are Stubborn Things

July 1, 2016

I thought I had reached the limits of my disgust with this administration and the media. However, events this week in Washington have created new levels of revulsion for me to experience.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi released their long overdue report on the events that led up to the deaths of four brave men in the cesspool of despair that is today’s Libya. These were some of our finest with families and loved ones, who made the commitment to put themselves in the line of fire for us. They were lost because of the feckless, incompetent, and ideologically paralyzed hacks in this administration.

I’m not sure what disgusts me most – the actual events of September 11, 2012 or the administration’s spin and hackery in an attempt to dispel its culpability. They stoked their sycophantic media to proclaim there’s nothing new in the report while it clearly documents a lack of understanding and an unwillingness to act that borders on treason. Yet the media’s sole hyperventilating story line is that somehow Hillary is exonerated. Conservatives, please encourage your kids to become journalists!

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It’s Our Guns They Want

June 16, 2016

The Islamic “true believers” are winning the battle against western civilization. The responses of our federal government and media to Islamic violence clearly confirm this.

I call terrorists like the perpetrator of last weekend’s massacre in Orlando “true believers” because they are acting out just what Muhammad demands of Muslims in the Qur’an, Islam’s most holy text. Muslims are admonished to make war against the non-Islamic world until it is brought under Islamic control and Sharia law. They are to never stop making war until this is accomplished.

We hear our government authorities and media luminaries continue to refer to Islam as a religion of peace though. It is neither a religion nor is it peaceful. Islam is an ideology of expansion and conquest. It is a totalitarian form of government wrapped around a theology that simply cannot coexist with any other form of society.

When Islamists see our leaders ascribe the motivation of the Orlando shooter to homophobia, Christianity, or the availability of semi-automatic firearms and defer blame from Islamic theology, they see America as capitulating to the will of Allah and they are told by the Qur’an to redouble their efforts to subdue the infidels.

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On Islamists, Liberals, And Idiots

March 24, 2016

Did you see them? In the sky, hundreds of them, flying everywhere. Donkeys. All around the world donkeys took flight when uber-liberal, Piers Morgan, in a piece for the UK Daily Mail stated that maybe Donald Trump was not so wrong in his approach to dealing with escalating Islamic violence. I thought surely donkeys would become lighter than air before I would see such an admission from a prominent member of the liberal intelligentsia.

Seeing the European multi-cultural delusion shattered by the attacks in Brussels must have shocked Piers into a moment of clarity (probably not for long though). He admitted that the modern world is losing the battle against ISIS and there are no good ideas coming from the current crop of world leaders (can you name a conservative among them?). He further stated: I see a global paralysis driven by fear, confusion and woeful lack of leadership.” Can you spell “The Obama Administration”?

Let’s review the salient facts about Islam, the ideology fueling the violence that has world leaders so afraid, confused and paralyzed.

First, Islam is not just a religion. It is a complete iron-fisted, authoritarian form of government that includes a religious component. It grew out of the life and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad as recorded in the Qur’an to now include a complete system of laws called Sharia that govern all cultural, financial, and moral aspects of behavior of the population it afflicts.

Next, Islam is not in any way peaceful. While the Qur’an does contain verses from Muhammad’s early Meccan ministry calling for peace and accommodation, those verses have been abrogated or overwritten by the later Medinan verses that call for violence and hostility in the furtherance of Islam.

Muslims are instructed to see the world as divided into two spheres, the Dar al Islam (House of Islam) where Sharia law rules and the Dar al Harb (House of War) where Islam has yet to take control. Muslims are commanded to subdue and conquer the Dar al Harb and bring it into the Dar al Islam. This is exactly what the terrorists are trying to accomplish with their attacks.

The late, great Ayatollah Khomeini summed up Islam’s violent nature this way:

“Islam says kill all unbelievers….kill them and put them to the sword and scatter their armies….There are hundreds of Qur’an’s Psalms and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad urging Muslims to value war and fight.”

Fortunately, most followers of Islam do not get kinetically involved in the war against the infidels as their ideology implores them to. However, while not engaging in violence, far too many passively support the murder and mayhem of the true believers providing what national security experts term “a safe ocean the jihadis swim in”.

The political correctness the Left reflexively curls up in when attacks like those in Brussels occur will insure more innocents die senselessly. When the weak-kneed political leaders Piers rails against fail to call the attackers what they are, the Islamists see that as capitulation. The Qur’an tells them when they see this reaction to redouble their efforts to make the Dar al Harb “feel subdued”. The more we ignore the truth about what we face, the greater the peril we place ourselves in.

What liberals have to come to understand is that we are not dealing with twenty-first century minds here. We are dealing with a seventh century mentality. Just because we today would reciprocate kindness and accommodation with kindness and accommodation, that does not mean you will get that response from a true adherent to the Qur’an. Kindness and accommodation from an infidel represents weakness and encourages Islamists to engage in their seventh century behavior.

When we agree to take in a stream of refugees even though ISIS says they will infiltrate it with terrorists, Islamists believe we are being subdued.

When our administration agrees to a sham of an agreement that insures Iran will become nuclear, Islamists believe we are being subdued.

When our school children dress up in Islamic garb and recite verses from the Qur’an, Islamists believe we are being subdued.

When liberals are willing to allow Sharia law to be practiced in our courts, Islamists believe we are being subdued.

Liberal passivity and political correctness are being interpreted by Islamists as submission to the will of Allah and will bring far more violence. It is absolutely certain. Therefore, it is WE who need to redouble OUR efforts to neutralize this scourge.

First, we have to militarily clean up the Middle East. No more politically correct warfare. We fight with everything we have and win the damn thing. We have to totally destroy any idea that a caliphate can be re-established.

Second, in this country we need to step up the surveillance on mosques that could be preaching and inciting violence. This is not Muslim persecution. If mosques are centers of peace and thoughtfulness, they have nothing to be concerned about. However, those that choose to teach the violence of Islam need to be dealt with vigorously.

Third, we need to defeat the ideology of Islam and its accompanying Sharia. We have to begin the long-term effort of showing how the virtues of individual sovereignty and liberty as enshrined in our founding documents make for a much better life. Without this, we will continue to play Islamic whack-a-mole around the world.

Islamic Conflation

February 5, 2016

While the Republican candidates for president stepped up their inane and idiotic scrum over nothing of consequence, the man they want to replace methodically continued advancing his plan to transform America.

This week, our president once again assumed his role of Muslim apologist-in-chief while speaking for the first time at a mosque in Baltimore. Obama apparently was motivated to rebut the “anti-Islamic” proclamations being made by the Republican presidential candidates.

As expected, there was nothing new with the rhetoric he expressed – Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few misguided radicals and shame on America for thinking it could motivate followers to violence.

Obama ineptly tried to make the case that the name Islam conveys a meaning of peace and non-aggression. Serious Islamic scholars are clear that Islam means “submission” and not in the peaceful, cooperative way as Obama alludes.

The history of Muhammad makes it pretty clear that without violent coercion, Islam may not even exist today. Muhammad initially tried to gain a following through a message of peace and cooperation while in Mecca. His message failed miserably to gain followers and ended up antagonizing the locals to the point where he had to flee for his life to Medina.

It was in Medina where the light went on for Muhammad. His message of peace and harmony quite suddenly changed dramatically to one of violence and subjugation. He started raiding and pillaging caravans on their way to Mecca and then gave the booty to those that would follow him. Those that wouldn’t convert got the tip of a sword. And so bingo, you got a rapidly growing religion.

The Qur’an clearly states that the earlier peaceful Meccan verses have been abrogated or cancelled and replaced by the later violent Medinan verses. This can’t be argued. It is a fact. So the Qur’an specifically calls for violence by its followers to spread Islam to the entire world. Those that are killing non-believers are correctly following the admonitions that Muhammad passed down through the Qur’an.

Despite these facts of history though Obama stuck with his usual subterfuge, And since 9/11, but more recently, since the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, you’ve seen too often people conflating the horrific acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith.

The real conflation that is going on is that which promotes Islam as just another “spiritual” worldview like Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism. Islam is not just a religion. It comes complete with an entire system of societal laws and institutions called Sharia that govern every aspect of Muslim life. Islam is not just another faith but instead is a complete governing mechanism with a state religion that all must accept. You cannot separate Islam from Sharia.

Sharia law stands in direct opposition to our Constitution. While our founding documents are rooted in the principles of individual freedom and sovereignty, Sharia inculcates the submission and subjugation of the individual to the state under the threat of violence. The two worldviews could not be in greater opposition.

Therefore, Muslims and sympathizers who support the establishment of Sharia here in the United States are violating our laws against sedition. The Constitution clearly states it is the only law of the land and promoting Sharia here is an act of subversion. We must very assertively stamp out any effort to its establishment here.

With this understanding then, does it not make sense that we prevent any Muslim from entering this country who cannot be thoroughly vetted? Does it not make sense that any Muslim entering our country must accept our Constitution as their governing system? This is not discrimination or Islamophobia. It is prudence.

With that said, understand that I do agree with Obama when he describes most Muslims as fine citizens who make great contributions to our society. I have had many interactions with Muslims and they are good people. They are welcome as neighbors and they are welcome in my home. I’d be more than happy to watch a sitcom with Muslims as the leading characters.

However, the problem is with those that are the true followers of Islam. The ones that are prone to commit violent acts. They indeed cast a shadow on the wider Muslim community.

This is where I believe Muslims have an obligation to speak out against Islamic violence. However, so far the silence is deafening. Muslims must come together to begin a reform movement that brings Islam into the twenty-first century. There are only a relatively few Muslims standing up and calling for Islam to reject its violent tenants and modernize. We need tens of thousands so committed.

All Americans need to encourage, support, and protect any Muslim that stands up and speaks out for a peaceful version of Islam. Without such sincere reform, nothing will change and all Muslims will continue to live under a shadow of doubt.

Are We Safer Now?

December 10, 2015

Fourteen years ago, this country suffered a terrible attack, an attack perpetrated by Muslims motivated by the literal interpretation of the Qur’an. Since then, we have been waging a “War On Terror” with the goal of eradicating further threats by those that share the same perverted devotion to Islam as the original 9/11 hijackers.

Given all the blood and treasure we have spent, it’s reasonable then to ask – are we safer now from Islamic inspired violence than we were fourteen years ago? Can any of you dear readers answer yes to this question? I can’t.

Instead of being safer, I believe we are at significantly greater risk. The events in San Bernardino clearly show that our ability to adequately vet immigrants coming into the country remains deeply deficient. Fourteen people are now dead because we couldn’t even figure out that the female shooter used a false address on her visa application. It never even raised a flag.

The Islamic strategy is to infiltrate the country with as many jihadists as possible. They will have plenty of opportunity given the current administration’s plans to bring in tens of thousands of “refugees” from the most dangerous areas of the Middle East. Our vetting process will be overwhelmed.

Also consider that ISIS continues to spread and gain territory and followers despite our “War On Terror”. Iraq is essentially lost to terrorists and Syria would be also if it wasn’t for Putin stepping in to protect Assad’s government. Northern Africa is rapidly becoming ISIS controlled territory and there are no efforts to turn this evil tide back.

And don’t forget our Iran debacle. The biggest sponsor of terror in the world is now on the fast track to a nuclear weapon enabled by our president’s fecklessness. They are violating important prohibitions against ICBM testing which puts our homeland in great jeopardy. This administration just looks the other way while Iran builds the capability to incinerate millions.

Clearly, the “War On Terror” is not accomplishing its goal of making us safe from terror. So what is it accomplishing?

For one, our government has established the ability to surveil our population beyond anything we would have thought possible before the “War” ensued. Our Internet lives are now captured down to the keystroke to supposedly insure the government can track and catch terrorists before they can execute their heinous plans. Our cell phone calls are also captured and I doubt what is recorded is limited to just the meta-data. Failure to detect the activities of the San Bernardino 2 with all this surveillance must have been just a rare glitch!

Our airports are now subjecting our citizens to dehumanizing treatment. Granny is pulled out of an airport waiting line and all but stripped searched because it would be racist to profile those that present the genuine risk.

Test after test show that guns and explosives make their way through airport inspection lines with impunity yet Americans are treated like suspicious cattle. It used to be that you could run through airports. Now we just want to run from them.

Instead of building up our military and national security assets, our administration slashes their budgets and increases IRS personnel by the thousands. Instead of clearly identifying the enemy and the ideology that motivates them, our administration prohibits all references to Islamic terror and promotes a “religion of peace” sham. Instead of embracing and encouraging the constitutional right to bear arms, this administration is hell bent to disarm us and make this country one big killing field.

And, we are now saddled with trillions of dollars of additional debt with nothing to show for it.

Who is the “War” really targeting?

It’s clear the “War” has done little to make us safer. Instead it has made the cage we each occupy smaller. It is a cage woven together by increased government surveillance, coercion, and crushing debt. The government is taking our money, our freedom, and the lives of our children serving in the military, and is giving us in return a greatly diminished future. This has to stop.

We have to begin to disrupt, depose, and dissolve the Washington ruling elite. They no longer work for us but instead work to exploit us. We must use the coming election to put the most conservative candidate possible in the White House. I believe this is Ted Cruz but it must be a Republican at all costs. Hillary must not be allowed to reign over Obama’s third term.

We must also get behind the movement to hold an Article 5 convention to amend the Constitution and end the Washington cartel’s hold on government. We must have term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court. We must have a balanced budget amendment that puts our financial house back in order. Senators should once again be appointed by the individual state legislatures and not elected by popular vote. These would be a good start to rein in an out-of-control behemoth rapidly crowding out individual liberty and freedom.

We have the tools and powers, my brothers and sisters. Let’s use them before the “War” takes them from us.


The Stealth Jihad

November 20, 2015

Now that Islamic terrorism has come back into clear focus after the events in Paris, let’s look at the real facts about the “religion of peace”.

First, Islam, despite what our liberal elite and Islamic apologists want you to believe, is NOT a religion of peace. It is an ideology of conquest. Islam means submission and by submission it does not mean some personal inner struggle against sin. It means subduing the world’s population to an iron-fisted, tyrannical form of social enslavement.

The peaceful verses in the Qur’an that call for love and tolerance that our media love to point to, have been abrogated by verses that call for violence and coercion. These peaceful Meccan verses were quoted early in Muhammad’s unsuccessful ministry in Mecca.

After having to flee from his own tribe in Mecca to Medina, Muhammad changed his peaceful method to warlike violence and these later Medinan verses overwrite or cancel the earlier peaceful ones. The violence we saw last week in Paris and continuing this week in Africa is just what Muhammad exhorts his followers to do. Those jihadists have their theology right.

Islam does not respect geographic borders or national sovereignty. Instead it divides the world by ideology and there are only two possibilities. There is the Dar al Islam, the world of Islam where the area and its population are under the control of Islamists and is ruled by Sharia law. Then there is the Dar al Harb, the world of the infidels that is to be conquered and subdued for Islam.

Muslims are to make war continuously on the Dar al Harb until it is converted. This can be through overt violence as we have seen played out all over the Middle East and so recently in France. However, in its early stages it can take the form of a “stealth jihad” where key government individuals are compromised and powerful influence is established with key decision makers in government, media, and academia. Islamists have been profoundly successful in undermining many of our Washington based institutions and the operation continues. Violence follows this stage.

While only a small percentage of Muslims engage in actual jihad, the majority of the Muslim population provides what our national security experts term “the ocean the jihadis swim in”. The vast majority of Muslims do not engage in violence and a significant percentage may actually oppose the bloodshed prescribed by the Qur’an. In actuality though, very few will speak out and try to prevent said violence. Either because they passively agree with the jihadis actions or because they are afraid of retribution for speaking out against such actions, very, very few Muslims will speak publicly or take any step against this violence in the name of Islam. Those that are willing to stand publicly against the senselessness need to be encouraged, nurtured, and protected in every way possible.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, I guess I do need to remind you that global warming does not cause Islamic terrorism. However, failing to recognize this ideology for what it is will get us all killed.

And not recognizing the threat is exactly what our current administration has been doing since it came to office. I believe a case can be made that not only is the president not taking the appropriate actions to thwart this threat and protect the American people, but instead the actions that have been taken have strengthened our enemy.

From his extolling the beauty of the Muslim call to prayer to his apology tour of the Middle East, this president has clearly shown his allegiance to the Islamic world. Take off your politically colored glasses and look at the following facts objectively.

  • The massacre at Fort Hood, a clear case of Islamic terrorism, is classified as work place violence. Later reports about the incident have all references to Islam expunged.
  • This administration is continuing to release some of the most virulent terrorists from Guantanamo despite clear evidence that a high percentage return to the battlefield and could kill more Americans.
  • The administration continues to push for tens of thousands of “refugees” to be let into the country without adequate vetting. The president’s own experts admit they do not have the required databases to prevent ISIS infiltration.
  • This administration allowed one of our advanced RQ-170 Sentinel CIA spy drones to be recovered completely intact by the Iranians when protocol clearly dictated it be destroyed before it could be captured.
  • It’s clear that this administration switched sides on the war on terror. They backed the Muslim Brotherhood’s effort to overthrow the governments of Egypt and Libya. Weapons were supplied to Al Qaeda factions to depose governments that were actually helping to maintain stability in the region.
  • There’s ample evidence to indicate that ISIS may very well be a creation of our government in an effort to topple Assad in Syria. Incredible amounts of U.S. weaponry were allowed to fall into their hands. The Benghazi debacle looks to be linked to an effort to get American arms given to Libyan terrorists into ISIS hands to use against Assad.
  • We are now under a much graver threat of nuclear attack due to the treacherous Iranian nuclear arms deal which also provided Iran $150 billion.

What does this spell to you? The stealth jihad in this country is nearing completion. I fear for our citizens.

Obama’s Iranian Legacy – American Devastation?

May 15, 2015

So our dear president is in search of a legacy. I guess a staggering economy just waiting to collapse below 2008 levels is not enough. I guess wrecking the best healthcare system the world has ever seen is not enough. I guess fanning the flames of division and hatred between citizens of this country is not enough. No, our president has his sights set on an Iranian nuclear deal as his signature legacy accomplishment.

And what a legacy this could turn out to be. CNN crowed after the initial framework was announced on April 2nd, “Obama moved closer to the kind of staggering diplomatic breakthrough with the Islamic Republic that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. If the political agreement reached in Switzerland turns into a genuine pact honored by both sides, Obama will be entitled to a place in history as the leader who defused an intensely bitter estrangement with Iran.”

 If the situation wasn’t so dire, I would laugh myself into a cracked rib at such neo-Pravda reporting. I definitely believe there will be a special place in history for Obama but it’s going to be a little different from what CNN is imagining. Fortunately, the real truth is out there and we better take heed and fast. The window for effective action is closing rapidly.

This week, Frank Gaffney and national security experts Claire Lopez, Ken Timmerman, and Admiral “Ace” Lyons at the Center For Security Policy laid out the clear facts of what is really going on with these negotiations during a symposium most accurately titled the “Iran Truth Panel”.   What they had to say was very sobering.

There are two key points made clear in the framework announcement that we have to understand. First, Iran is permitted to continue to enrich uranium. Uranium enrichment has been prohibited by all of the previous U.N. sanctions yet our administration thinks it’s an appropriate provision now. Enrichment is the first step in any viable nuclear weapons program.

Secondly, Iran has made the elimination of Israel non-negotiable! The mullahs will not agree to anything that allows Israel’s continued existence. How can a president of the United States be at the negotiating table considering such a stipulation? Any wonder Netanyahu bypassed our president and spoke directly to Congress? Any wonder that Israel and Saudi Arabia are now cooperating to establish a joint Iranian deterrence?

These two points alone make this negotiation highly problematic for world security, but it gets worse. We know that Iran and North Korea are cooperating very closely on nuclear weapons development. It’s accepted in Washington that North Korea has about 20 viable nuclear weapons at this point. It’s estimated that they could create another 20 weapons in the next year. Heard that anywhere in the mainstream media? North Korea is most likely getting funding from Iran for this development. We know Iranian scientists have been present at all of North Korea’s weapon tests.

We also know that Iran has a very advanced ICBM program with missiles that are capable of reaching the United States. Couple this with the fact that North Korea has developed the ability to miniaturize their nukes thereby allowing them to be mounted on ICBM’s. The threat should now become clear even for Wolf Blitzer.

This great legacy agreement the administration seeks is just a Kabuki dance to keep everyone distracted from what is really in motion. What the uber-urbane John Kerry is negotiating does nothing to stop the real threat to our country. We are staring down the barrel of EMP destruction and our administration seems oblivious to it.

We have no missile defense on the east or gulf coasts. We are wide open for attack from a ship-launched missile and Iran has already demonstrated this capability. Iran has also established a missile base in Venezuela from which an ICBM could reach our soil in a couple of minutes. Our power grid is exceedingly vulnerable to an EMP attack and yet this administration has done nothing to harden it and protect we the people and our children from potential devastation.

Can this administration be this blind and dumb? As hard as it may be to believe, I don’t think so. There is evidence that in 2008 then candidate Obama opened a covert channel to the mullahs through Ambassador William G. Miller and urged them not to cut a deal with President Bush. Instead he told them to wait until he took office and they would find his policies much more to their liking. Do you think the mullahs like what they’re getting from Obama versus dealing with Bush? I think that’s a big yes.

Once Iran has a viable nuclear capability, nuclear deterrence that has kept the world safe for decades now no longer applies. Iran seeks a nuclear conflagration in fulfillment of their eschatology and it appears that our administration is providing the match for that fuse.

Frank Gaffney ended the Iran Truth Panel discussion this way; “We are dealing with national security fraud by the Obama administration.” Fraud for what aim? I suspect that will become clear soon.

The only alternative we have now is the immediate destruction of all Iranian nuclear capability and regime change in Tehran. There is no other way. Unfortunately, this won’t happen without regime change in this country.

Intimidation Coming To A Church Near You?

April 10, 2015

I feel very fortunate to live in the mountains of North Georgia. The area is replete with beautiful green contours, a myriad of rushing streams, and lush hardwood forests filled with wildlife.   Living here makes the violence and strife we see everyday around the country seem like some other planet. The violence in the Middle East seems like some other galaxy. However, the truth is no one anywhere is immune from what is happening in the world today.

Recently, a very small church in this area held a conference on the threat of Islam in America. The speakers at the conference were extremely knowledgeable and experienced in identifying and countering the threat Islam poses. Their presentations were incredibly detailed and comprehensive. My great concern about the true nature of Islam was confirmed by what I heard.

We really have to wake up to the fact that Islam is not a “religion of peace”, you know, the ubiquitous liberal mantra. It is a harsh, totalitarian form of societal rule completely incompatible with our culture and constitutional form of government. Islam sees the world very simply – you are either part of the Islamic world or you are not. If you are not, the Islamic followers are obligated to either subdue you to the faith or kill you. They are never to stop trying and are to use whatever means necessary to accomplish this. Therefore, deception and violence are acceptable if it promotes the cause of Islam.

Liberals like to make this complicated – Muslims are upset because their land is occupied (it is not) or the violence is the result of crushing poverty (it is not) or our western culture is heinous to them (who cares). The issue is quite simple. We are dealing with a seventh century ideology. It’s brutal and barbaric, not thoughtful and negotiable. We have to understand it from that mentality not with twenty-first century sensibilities. Until we do, we will continue to lose ground and die.

While the ideology is seventh century, the “true believers” (as I call literal adherents of Islam) are twenty-first century cunning. They have almost limitless money and an iron will to implement the tenets of the Qur’an. They are well schooled in all phases of covert activity that they learned from the Russian KGB in the 1980’s. As the Muslim Brotherhood made clear in their strategy uncovered in 2004, a comprehensive effort to undermine and subvert our government is well underway and has been frighteningly successful so far. Do you have any question about whose interests our president is promoting? Darn sure not those of Constitution loving Americans.

Which brings me back to North Georgia. The next Sunday after the conference the little church was holding services in a small, public meeting room. As the Sunday worship started, a man and woman looking to be of Middle Eastern descent entered the room. They essentially ignored any attempt to be welcomed or accept refreshments.

Once the worship music started and singing began, the man put his hands to his head in anguish and began muttering what appeared to be prayers in another language. The muttering became more agitated when either Jesus or the Father was sung. This behavior continued though out the worship time.

The pastor then began his sermon and soon began covering many of the points of difference between Christianity and Islam that were presented during the previous day’s conference. As the pastor proceeded, the couple would exchange words that again were unintelligible and consulted a small book they had brought to the service with them. The couple then got up and left about ten minutes before the service was slated to be over.

Once the couple was gone, the pastor stopped the service and the church discussed what had just happened. The couple’s presence and behavior were most unnerving to the church. They were all certain the couple was not there to worship Lord Jesus but just why were they there?

The next day the pastor consulted an expert in Islam and recounted the incident and the couple’s strange behavior. This expert felt that the “true believer” community took notice of the conference and this couple came to pray curses over the church and to gather information about them.

We will probably never know just what this couple was really up to. It may never lead to anything. I pray that it doesn’t. However, the time for vigilance is upon us. We simply cannot afford complacency and ignorance when it comes to this Islamic threat. If it can rear its head here in an overwhelmingly Christian conservative area, intimidation can happen anywhere. We cannot succumb to it and must stand strong for the founding values and principles that have made this country the greatest in history.

One thing one of the presenters at the conference said has really stayed with me. He stated that history shows that the more people take the Bible literally, the more peaceful they become. However, the more people take the Qur’an literally, the more violent they become. I believe that’s all you need to remember if you have doubts about what we face.

Imam In Chief

February 6, 2015

I believe our president’s true allegiances are now coming into sharper focus. His comments yesterday at the National Prayer Breakfast are a clear warning sign that we should not ignore.

The president’s comparison of the Christian Crusades from centuries ago to the violence perpetrated by true believing Islamists today is a brazen attempt at making a moral equivalence.

Yes, violence has been done in the name of Christianity. However, those Christians that engaged in such violence were not following any exhortation from the New Testament. Jesus’ instruction only speaks of seeking peace and of loving your neighbor as yourself. Therefore, you can’t judge Christianity by misguided Christians acting badly.

However, the violence we see being perpetrated by Islamists around the globe is exactly what the Qur’an is compelling them to do. They are not misguided. They are not some fringe radicals, as our news media loves to make them out to be.

These Islamists have their ideology right. Engaging in violence to subdue the infidels is exactly what Islam calls for despite all of Shepard Smith’s hyperventilating to the contrary.

I believe the president in making his pronouncement at the prayer breakfast is engaging in what Islam calls Taqiyya and Kitman. These are essentially two forms of lying or distorting facts to infidels to further the cause of Islam. Come on think about it, no Bible believing Christian as our president portrays himself to be could make such an incoherent comparison.

This administration simply will not acknowledge the clear facts of Islamic terror. Instead, they use vague, general terms to describe our enemy and their actions. They are slow to react to the threat and actions then taken are minimal and indecisive.

Has any effort the White House has taken really been effective at slowing down the spreading scourge? Not exactly. ISIS is expanding the territory they control despite the president’s goal of “degrading and defeating” them. Yemen is rapidly falling into the hands of Iran. Of greater concern, Iran is rapidly closing in on a nuclear weapon with a delivery system and our president dithers and gives them more time.

The administration can’t release the worst of the worst out of Gitmo fast enough. And for the record, Gitmo is not a recruiting tool for Islamists but letting these terrorists go free certainly is.

Throughout the “Arab Spring”, the administration has backed the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to establish a Middle Eastern caliphate. They supported the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya. They supported the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. Now that Egypt has thrown the Muslim Brotherhood out, this administration has essentially turned its back on Egypt.

This cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood is a cause for great concern. I believe the points cited above indicate that this jihadist organization has extensive influence on the actions of this White House.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been operating in the country since the late 1960’s and has established a vast influence operation attempting to subvert keys areas of our culture, media, education, and government. While they portray themselves as peaceful and civilized, their secret strategy states something much different.

The archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America were uncovered in 2004. Those archives contained their overall strategy that is stated to be “…a grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers…”. Doesn’t sound too peaceful or civilized does it?

The Muslim Brotherhood is cunning, relentless, patient, and has almost limitless money. The “grand jihad” they mention in their strategy is in a covert or stealth mode now, what they call a civilization jihad.

Through this type of approach they have to a large extent established information dominance over their interests and have established significant influence with key decision makers in our government. Note that the strategy makes the point of saying that part of the sabotaging and the destroying will be done by “our hands”.

Could this not describe the actions of this administration? Our borders have been left wide open. Our military is being degraded and hollowed out. Our economy is being crushed with astronomical debt. Our space program has been reduced to hitchhiking with the Russians and dedicated to making Muslims feel better about themselves.

America, wake up! The barbarians are within our walls and are actively chiseling away at the very foundations of our civil society. Do not accept what the news media and our government are saying about this threat. This virus is virulent and deadly and ignorance will not provide immunity.

One last thought. If indeed our administration has been subverted like much of the evidence would indicate, the next two years could be filled with great peril. Think about it. We have a president who at best is very sympathetic to the Islamic cause and at worst is cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood on their goals. This president has two years left in his term and there will never be another president more cooperative with Islamic interests than this one. Just sayin’.

State Of The Union? Shadows Within Shadows

January 23, 2015

I sure feel better now that our president has pronounced that the “shadow of crisis” on our nation has passed. And here I was thinking we were getting into a deeper mess on all fronts.

We were told Tuesday night that we are now out of recession and our economy is creating jobs at a rate not seen since the 1990’s. We were told that the situation in the Middle East is well under control and there’s nothing more to see there. So the president wants to get back to doing what a good little Marxist does best – spread the wealth.

Well, not so fast. Methinks there be a bit of the blarney there. Let’s take a closer look at how things really are with our economy and with our effort to preserve something at least remotely resembling second millennium civilization in the Middle East.

The economy is creating jobs, but it seems progressives aren’t very nuanced when it comes to defining what constitutes a job. For them, one job seems to be just as good as another for judging the state of the economy. A job working thirty hours a week at minimum wage running a cash register is just the same as a full time structural engineer working on, dare I say, a shovel ready new bridge project. Seems we could use a little more granularity here. Most of the jobs this administration touts are of the thirty-hour retail variety rather than the more value producing engineering type.

Of course, the unemployment number is now below six percent, that has to be good, right? Could be, but you have to understand that this particular measurement called the U3 is quite easily manipulated. You can get whatever number you want just by making a judgment on who is really looking for work and who isn’t. (I would have bet the house this number would have been below eight percent before the 2012 election and dang if it wasn’t.) In any event, non-citizens have taken all the net jobs created anyway.

The more accurate jobs number to look at for judging the state of the economy is the labor participation rate. This now stands at sixty three percent, a FORTY-YEAR LOW! Don’t be alarmed though. We’ve added thirteen million to the food stamp rolls since this president took office and we know that people living on government assistance add just as much to the economy as a structural engineer (at least according to Nancy).

Our operating deficit is now over $18 trillion and counting which means that we each owe around $57000. Now I understand why the administration wants to let more people in to the country. With just a couple of hundred million more immigrants, what we each owe becomes much more manageable. However, don’t forget the $150 trillion we owe in unfunded liabilities too. No one in Washington seems to want to talk about that.

So our economy is still in deep shadow but what of the Middle East? Does it not seem that everything this administration does in the Middle East promotes the advance of Islamist jihadists and does nothing to reduce the threat we face? Consider the following points:

  • This administration refused to help the protestors in Iran seeking western type freedom back in 2009.
  • This administration has refused to rein in the Iranian pursuit of nukes and is standing alone against further sanctions.
  • This administration refuses to properly label Islamic violence. Fort Hood was workplace violence? You gotta be kidding me.
  • The strategy against ISIS is ineffective and in fact, ISIS controls more of Syria now than at the start of the effort to defeat them. The administration’s actions seem to solely check a box that they took some action rather than effect victory.
  • This administration is releasing dangerous Islamists from Guantanamo with a high percentage chance of their return to the battlefield.
  • This administration has all but cut off diplomatic relations with Egypt after they threw out the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • This president refuses to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu when he visits Washington next month and continues to poke Israel in the eye every chance he gets.
  • This administration sponsored and presided over a symposium of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that promoted Islamic blasphemy laws that were in direct opposition to our First Amendment.
  • This administration lied about what precipitated the Benghazi attack and is still stonewalling on what our ambassador was doing there.

Do you get the picture here?   I can add much more to the list, but these dots knit into a very ugly picture of what this administration’s intentions are with respect to the Islamic threat.

Speaking of Benghazi, has anyone seen Trey Goudy? I had really high hopes that we might get to the bottom of what happened in Libya on 9/11/12 but so far very little has come of it. If the Citizens Commission on Benghazi is right, this administration could have been providing weapons and support to the very Al Qaeda Islamists we are supposed to be fighting. The specter of treason would cast a very dark shadow on Washington. And yeah, where was our president for those hours when Americans were dying in Benghazi. That answer remains in shadow too.

Securing Freedom – At Last A Strategy

January 16,2015

Just when you think nothing good can ever again come out of Washington, a ray of pure white light breaks through the perpetual smog.

Last Friday, the Center For Security Policy, a national security think tank located in Washington D.C., unveiled its strategy for neutralizing the totalitarian threat presented to the free world by Islam and its legal system, Shariah.

Frank Gaffney, a former assistant secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration, leads the Center For Security Policy and its team of national security experts. In a press conference at the National Press Club, Frank and members of the Tiger team who directly contributed to the report, presented an overview of the strategy contained in a ninety-four page document titled, “The Secure Freedom Strategy – A Plan For Victory Over The Global Jihadist Movement”. This report can be downloaded here:

The report endeavors to provide a clear vision of the threat we face and to establish a multifaceted plan for neutralizing the Grand Jihad that is underway. The strategy follows a method similar to the plan that Ronald Reagan followed in defeating the Soviet Union and prescribes the following initiatives:

  • Establishing a clear understanding of Islam and Shariah and what is driving Jihadist tactics. While we all understand the danger presented to us by individual or even teams of Jihadists like we saw recently in France, most are unaware that the Muslim Brotherhood through what they call a Civilization or Stealth Jihad is actively undermining this country. They have established information dominance and are blinding our government to their real intentions through political correctness and other influence operations. We must begin immediately to dismantle this. It can’t happen if we don’t understand our enemy and their strategy.


  • Establishing a clear objective. At this point, we are rudderless in the struggle against Jihad and Shariah because we have not defined our enemy clearly and established goals to defeating what it is that threatens us.


  • Stop the hollowing out of our military. We are in greater peril now than ever before from the Jihadist movement. Now is not the time to be scaling back our capabilities. Instead, through a clear understanding of what we face, we have to reverse course and begin rebuilding the capabilities we will need to confront this many-headed hydra.


  • Defeat the Islamic Ideology. Certainly we must be able to defend ourselves from the violence the Jihadist movement brings. However, that demands a near term, tactical strategy. Long term though, we must defeat the ideology. We must present a superior alternative to Islam that will win potential Jihadists from embracing the violent prescriptions of Islam and instead bring them into productive, modern society.


  • Reestablish our covert capabilities. We must develop enhanced intelligence capabilities and engage in a kind of stealth jihad of our own that undermines our enemies through psychological operations and cyber warfare. We need to beef up our human intelligence as well. How about instead of just blowing up key Islamist operatives with a drone we capture them and get intel? What a concept.


  • Wage economic or financial warfare. One of the biggest things we can do is GET OFF MIDDLE EASTERN OIL! We are sending hundreds of billions of dollars a year to our enemies that they in turn use to undermine us! And we have an administration that has thwarted any effort to reduce our dependency. More on that in another column.


  • Engage in cyber warfare. Tis the twenty first century. A man at a keyboard can now do more damage than a fully loaded B52. We have the best and brightest minds in this field. Let’s use them.

I watched the press conference on line and from my vantage point, I did not see any big time media at the event. Would it be any surprise that not one word of the Center For Security Policy’s existence or this strategy makes it to the light of day with the lamestream media? No, I think not.

This is where you readers come in. If you gotten this far in the column, hey, you’re one of us good guys. You know how important this fight is. Our very survival depends on getting as many Americans up to speed on this threat as we can.

Therefore, download the Secure Freedom Strategy. Read it and get command of what it spells out. Once you understand it, talk to your family and friends about it and give them a copy of the strategy (ain’t electronic files great?!).

Don’t stop with just family and friends though. Do what you can to get elected officials at every level of government exposed to this strategy. How about talking to your city officials or the local Sheriff if you know him (or her). Heck, don’t stop there. How about your congressman or even the governor? Let’s don’t be shy about this.

Seriously, the threat of Islamic inspired Jihadism is one of the most serious threats this country has ever faced. The barbarians are within our walls. We need as many people as possible to understand the threat to begin neutralizing it and we all have a part to play. Godspeed.

Empathy For Islam? The Sure Path to Dhimmitude

January 9, 2015

Dhimmitude – the Muslim process of controlling non-Muslim populations brought to submission through jihad.

This week’s murderous attack on the staff of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, while heinous and tragic was not unexpected. The publication has been an equal opportunity offender of all the world’s religions since its inception. However, its propensity for poking Islam in the eye put the staff of the ultra-liberal, anti-religious magazine in great jeopardy given Islam’s murderous censorship of anything it deems offensive.

I have tremendous respect for the publication’s resolve in sticking to their satirical formula in spite of Islamist threats. Even though its offices were firebombed in 2011 after publishing its “Shariah Hebdo” issue, the magazine has maintained its irreverent roots and has not been deterred from depicting the tenets of Islam in a comical light.

Even this attack will not prevent Charlie Hebdo from publishing its biggest ever run next week. With the help of Google and other French publications, the magazine will publish one million copies instead of its typical thirty thousand.

This kind of rock solid resolve in the face of seventh century intimidation is really commendable. I doubt the media in this country would be so stouthearted. In fact, I know they wouldn’t. And the fact that they won’t stand up to Islamic intimidation insures more aggression here in this country.

Let’s again set the record straight about Islam. It is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of conquest. The peaceful verses cited in the Qur’an that lend a semblance of civility have all been overwritten by hostile, aggressive verses. The peaceful verses are there, but Muhammad himself has rendered them null and void. True believing Muslims know this and don’t want you to know it.

Islam sees the world consisting of two factions – the world of Islam and the world of the infidels. The Qur’an instructs true believers to constantly strive to bring the world of the infidels into submission. They are to never stop making war against the non-Islamic world until it has been conquered for Allah.

Muslims are instructed to lie when it furthers the ultimate submission of the infidels. They cannot be trusted to honor peaceful statements they may make nor treaties they may sign.

Outreach by mosques to Christian churches is not about establishing common ground. It is always about conversion.

Everything is viewed from the viewpoint of power – gaining it, expanding it, and exercising it for the good of Islam. Islam will use peaceful, stealthy techniques to advance its cause when they are weaker militarily. They will turn to violence when they believe they are stronger.

Given this, does the typical excusing and rationalizing of Islamic violence by our government and liberal media make sense? No, it makes violence much more probable. When we do not clearly label Islam for what it is and rather apologize for it, we embolden the true believers.

When the presumptive 2016 Democratic nominee for president, Hilary Clinton, states in a speech at Georgetown University that smart power consists of understanding our enemy’s point of view and empathizing with it, Islamists see us submitting.

When our government labels the Fort Hood massacre work place violence and ignores the fact that it was an Islamic imam shouting “Allah is great!” as he methodically gunned down unarmed Army personnel, Islamists see us submitting.

When the New York Times expresses that their greatest concern about the Charlie Hebdo murders is that it may give rise to right wing persecution of Muslims, Islamists see us submitting.

When our U.S. intelligence and security agencies use politically correct threat analyses that expunge all references to the religion of Islam, Islamists see us submitting.

When our president refuses to use the words Islamic and terror to describes events like the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Islamists see us submitting.

We simply cannot afford to be stumbling around in a politically correct, utopian haze with respect to this threat any longer. We have to clearly recognize what it is we face, cultural sensitivities be damned. As Sun Tzu stated, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” In America, our leadership knows neither.

Hilary calls for empathy. How about empathy for the people she wants to lead and protect? You know the ones she will rely on to put her in office. How about following your constitutional duties and defending us Americans from all threats foreign and domestic?

Through liberal cognitive dissonance or just plain willful denial about the true nature of the Islamic threat we face, we are all at increasing risk to be slaughtered while picking out a nice steak for dinner at our local market. I for one have had enough.

Islamo Dissonance – What You Won’t Acknowledge Will Kill You

November 28, 2014

Let’s check in and see what’s been happening in the world of Islam. Forty-five volleyball spectators are blown up at a tournament in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. Check. Four Jewish rabbis worshipping at a synagogue in Jerusalem were hacked to death by two Palestinians. Check. ISIS beheads another American in Syria. Check.

One thing you can say about the “Religion of Peace” is that it is consistent. Of course our president declared that ISIS’s actions in executing Peter Kassig represented no faith. And did we not just have an interfaith prayer event at the National Cathedral in Washington? Christian leaders of that event claim that it demonstrated the ability to establish common ground between Christianity and Islam based on American values. I’m sure Christians will be welcomed to worship Jesus at a mosque near you real soon.

If I hear one of our ruling class geniuses proclaiming Islam a “Religion of Peace” just one more time, I swear I will put one of my size eleven Ariats through my big screen!

Look, I don’t have issues with individual Muslims. I have friends that are Muslims and they are fine, fine people. They are welcome in my neighborhood. They are welcome in my home.

What I have a problem with is the theology of Islam and the willful denial of its true prescriptions by our government and media elite. With just the smallest amount of effort and research, anyone can see its true nature and why violence springs from its faithful practice.

Islam divides the world into two “houses”, the Dar al-Islam or house of Islam and the Dar al-Harb or house of war. The Dar al-Islam is the areas of the world where Islam dominates and Sharia law is in effect. The Dar al-Harb is where Islam does not dominate. Islam demands that Muslims engage in conflict with the Dar al-Harb until it is subdued and becomes part of the Dar al-Islam. This is an unending struggle until the Dar al-Islam is victorious. There is no common ground to be had with Islam. It’s Islam or conflict.

And what of all those peaceful, loving verses in the Qur’an? Well, they are not quite what they seem to be because of something called the Doctrine of Abrogation.

Muhammad’s ministry had a first phase and a second phase. In the first phase, Muhammad began receiving his revelation and started his ministry in Mecca. At that time, he preached a message of peace, respect, and accommodation. However, he was unable to gain a significant following. Since he wouldn’t do miracles, the Jews wouldn’t follow him and his message of monotheism didn’t sit well with his tribe, the Quraysh, who had a thriving idol business with polytheists.

So Muhammad was forced to leave Mecca and start his ministry anew in Medina. His continuing revelation then changes dramatically and becomes aggressive and violent and he gains a great following.

This is where the Doctrine of Abrogation comes in. To resolve the conflict between the earlier Meccan revelation and the later Medinan revelation, the Doctrine of Abrogation declares that the later Medinan verses override or nullify the earlier Meccan verses whenever they conflict. The peaceful aspects of Islam depicted by the Meccan verses are essentially rendered null and void by one Medinan verse:

Sura 9:5 “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)…..”

The terrorists that are waging bloody violence across the globe are following exactly what the Qur’an is telling them to do. They are getting the theology right. They are not some fringe radicals bastardizing a great religion. Islam is about conquering the Dar al-Harb by whatever means necessary.

And lets not forget another feature of Islam called Taqiyya. Taqiyya makes it acceptable and even obligatory for Muslims to lie, especially to non-Muslims to advance Islam. So how can we trust anything Islamic leaders may be telling us?

All of this can be confirmed with a little effort. So why do we hear all this nonsense about a “Religion of Peace” from those we are trusting to look out for us? Why are Judaism and Christianity getting bashed and portrayed as the big obstacles to world peace?

Could our secular elite be so preoccupied with driving Judeo-Christian values out of the public square that they are willing to characterize a clearly hateful, tyrannical ideology as peaceful in an effort to contrast Christians as judgmental xenophobes? Maybe they view Christianity as the real immediate threat to their utopian fantasies and the threat of Islam is something that can be dealt with after their eradication of Christianity is complete. Sounds like the age-old strategy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” to me.

The problem is that this unwillingness to see clearly or to acknowledge truthfully the threat that the ideology of Islam presents will cause untold suffering and misery. Utopian dreams will turn to existential flames. Beware.