Rationality Lost – A Country To Soon Follow

Former president Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote in his memoir concerning the presidential election of 1960, “It showed the influence of television: for some reasons one man projects well, another does not. It showed again how much elections can be controlled by sentiment and emotion rather than by facts and experience.

Of course he was referring to the televised Nixon-Kennedy debate where Kennedy essentially won the election on his appearance and affectation rather than on the substance of his words.

Eisenhower was not a great fan of Kennedy. He believed him to be too headstrong and overconfident. He didn’t think Kennedy appreciated the deep complexity and difficulty of the issues he would be facing as president. However, Eisenhower in writing these words was more concerned about what the country was becoming rather than the 1960 election outcome.

Yes, in his January 1961 farewell speech, Eisenhower warned of a perpetual peacetime war economy. He was greatly concerned of the industry take over of military armament and the overwhelming influence it was beginning to have on America. However, his concern about the growing irrationality of American society represented a bigger concern for the general.

Eisenhower was a very thoughtful man. He made his decisions by careful consideration of the facts at hand and used his informed emotion to then guide him to the solution he sought. That’s how he led our forces to victory in the European theater of World War II and ended the Korean conflict as president.

Eisenhower prided himself in his rationality, something that was becoming increasingly scarce in 1960 America as his lament made clear. Today rationality is virtually absent from our public discourse particularly with respect to politics and government.

Rationality can be defined as the “habit of acting by reason, which means in accordance with the facts of reality”. (www.importanceofphilosophy.com/Ethics_Rationality.html).

America is rapidly losing its grip on rationality as defined above. We have become a country of the unthinking and the unthoughtful and the unreasoning. We no longer act through careful deliberation based on our own individual understanding and experience. Instead we are highly conditioned to merely react to stimuli and as a result, our humanity is greatly diminished. We become little more than automatons performing on command. Our society cannot stay on this path much longer and retain our republic.

If rationality is acting according to the facts of reality, the question we must ask is what are the facts of reality? Up until the middle of the last century, the answer was obvious. Reality is the way things are. The facts do not change over time. Facts do not change with the situation.

The late, great Democrat senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once said, “You are entitled to your opinion.  But you are not entitled to your own facts.”  I don’t believe Moynihan would be welcome in the Democrat Party of 2017.

Today to insinuate that objective fact exists and is immutable will incur the Left’s condemnation as a homophobe, bigot, climate change denier, or hater.  You see, there’s great power in being able to dictate what the facts are and then stampede the masses in the desired direction in reaction to certain pejorative descriptors.  It’s far easier to herd unthinking sheep than sly foxes.

And that’s what the Marxist Left’s strategy has been for several decades now – reduce our society to an unthinking, fearful, irrational herd. This is the only path to the absolute totalitarian power they maniacally pursue. A population of rational, critically thinking citizens will not mindlessly accept what is dictated to them and will challenge authoritarian control. Therefore, rationality must be corrupted.

And they have methodically worked at such a corruption through a complete subversion of our public school system, academia, the news media, the entertainment media, and the federal government bureaucracy. Virtually all of the most important societal influencing institutions have been twisted into drone creating mechanisms.

It also explains why the Left is so crazy to eradicate Christianity. Historically, the Christian faith has been the driver of rational thoughtfulness. Wherever Christianity has been introduced, literacy rates have risen dramatically. Christians have historically been readers and thinkers.

To reach the level of understanding Christians are commanded to have of their theology, one must study and learn and grow in the ability to think rationally. We must understand how to make philosophical arguments in defense of Christianity’s claims. This demands the ability to think critically and be able to sort out truth from a fog of disparate facts.

Christians launched the scientific revolution in pursuit of understanding God the Creator through his creation. Developing the laws of planetary motion or establishing the complex mathematics necessary to comprehend subatomic physics demands the ability to think rationally. Christianity fosters such use of the mind and therefore is completely incompatible with a Marxian utopia.

Barack Obama in his first inauguration speech glared at the unthinking masses before him and proclaimed that the transformation of America was about to commence. As much as Obama wants to give himself credit, America had already been radically transformed from its historical existence at that point. What’s really been happening since is the vise of control has been steadily tightened around our liberty. A republican president and Congress appear incapable of slowing the destruction of the greatest society the world has ever known. I may not vote in a federal election again.

My dear readers, Washington is a lost cause. An Article V convention of states is the only way to save the republic. Twelve states are now onboard. That leaves twenty-two more to go. The battle lines are forming.

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